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Does your essay contain 4 Cs?


Essay writing is something that is practiced in every phase and all fields of life in different forms. Essay does not necessarily mean to be written typically in three paragraphs form we are taught to write in school, but in thesis, dissertations, analysis, essay pattern is applied till now. Besides the general rules and tips to follow in essay, have you heard about rule of 4 Cs? Well, you might have as it is primary requirement in essay writing that can make your essay sound likeprofessional essay writing service.

The 4 Cs are conciseness, cohesion, coherence, and composition. Each element should use smartly in order to make your essay the best one, and to get a good score in it. Let’s discuss each element sequentially.


Conciseness means to write short and average length sentences to convey your message to the point. Generally the concept of 4 Cs is practiced in IELT essay writing, but don’t you think these features are significant for all types of essays? Well, avoid using long sentences as it can make difficult for you to control grammar mistakes and lose balance of sentence. Maximum sentence length should be 8-15 words.


Cohesion is linking of ideas throughout the essay. Each paragraph in your essay should complement with the theme and ideas mentioned in previous paragraph so reader won’t feel they are different. There are few useful phrases that can help in joining of ideas. Examples are;

As it shows, as we know that, it’s clear that, hence, without a doubt, this causes etc.


Coherence means the collection of all ideas should be accessible to understand. It can be through use of these above mentioned phrases or by correct use of grammar. The paragraphs in main body should be easy to understand to further clarify the concept and theme of your essay.


Composition in essay means constructing a proper essay structure. A well-composed essay give a format and prominent look to essay accompanied with few real life examples, or experiences, evident facts, critical views, and a conclusion if essay is meant to be written in an argument form. It must be remembered that a sentence with your own example should be evident to your topic sentence.

In a nutshell:

The 4 Cs collectively play a significant role in making essay more professional and well-organized, and well-structured essay. Conciseness keeps sentences short, cohesion link sentences together; coherence makes essay fathomable, and composition structures entire essay.


Essay writing is the most ceremonious and significant task required for successful qualified career, this blog will discuss about few more basic elements.

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