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How to Organize Your Thesis?

Thesis writing is one of most demanding  academic writing task. It will test you in different viewpoints and you must perform well in every one of them to get a decent evaluation on your thesis which won't not be simple. You should learn and embrace rapidly if you need to survive the thesis.

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Plan Ahead

It is a good practice to plan for your thesis. When you have a clear plan, and done some research as soon as you are assigned a topic, then you are on the right path. Pick a topic that you like to write a thesis on. You need to be up for the challenge.


You will have to do a comprehensive research before you can write a thesis. You must read a lot of material which is not easy especially when you have limited time in hand. Only read material that is related to your topic. Jump to important chapters and skip chapters that are of no use in the context of your thesis. Get an idea by reading the introduction, summary and conclusion of the chapter if you don’t have much time left.


Concentrate on your logical argument before writing and make figures that present your logical argument. Outline the main elements, sections and sub section of your thesis. Give some background information and describe your argument in detail. Don’t forget the methodology section. Next, write the results and discuss the results in discussion section. Lastly write the conclusion section of your thesis.

Give Credit

You must acknowledge the contribution of other authors and give them due credit. Referencing is the best way to do it. Provide proper references which clearly mention the name of the author, sources, year of publication and other similar details. Reader must be able to access the source easily from the information you have provided. This saves you from plagiarism concerns. Avoid over quoting in your thesis. All the references should be presented in reference list at the end.

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